Information About the Project

Overview of The Project

This research project is being conducted by University of Plymouth (UK), and will investigate the variety of experiences linked to meditation practice. In the first part there will be an online survey designed to capture personality traits of those who meditate, and experiences that might be associated with meditation. There will be a follow up survey to the first one, to assess if any changes have occurred in the time between the two.

Optional fMRI Study For Those living near Plymouth in the UK

The second part of the project will involve the use of an MRI machine to capture brain activity of meditators whilst conducting a task. The aim of this is to gather information about how meditation might change brain activity and connectivity. For this we are calling on people within travelling distance of Plymouth, Devon in the United Kingdom. Registering an interest in this does not hold you to taking part.

Online Study

 There will be some questions about your background, meditation habits, mental health history, and some questionnaires gathering personality traits and experiences linked to meditation. If you take part you will remain anonymous, so that your answers will not be linked to your name in any publications etc.

Taking part in the online study does not mean you are required to take part in the fMRI part.

Your Answers and Email Will Remain Confidential

Any questions you answer here will only be used to help us understand if you would like to take part, and if you are eligible to take part in the fMRI study should you be interested. This information will be kept confidential in a password protected file and only seen by the researchers on this study.



Please select 'Yes' if you are happy to take part in this study, and to confirm you have read and understood the information provided about the study. By selecting 'Yes' you are also confirming you are 18 years old or over.
Brain imaging (fMRI) study at Plymouth: If you live within travelling distance and consider yourself a reasonably experienced meditator, would you be interested in learning more about taking part in a study investigating brain activity and connectivity in relation to meditation?