Welcome to the External Speaker Notification form of the University of Plymouth.

Working with external speakers is an important part of university life, enabling us to bring a range of different views and beliefs onto campus. The University of Plymouth takes seriously the balance between enabling freedom of speech and upholding our duty of care towards students, staff and visitors.


This notification enables the University to maintain a record of external speakers and help those people organising events ensure any risks are mitigated against. What we mean by that is, although most speakers are uncontroversial, some express contentious, inflammatory or offensive views, and there are measures that can be put into place to manage this, whilst allowing debate to take place.  


When should I provide notification?

You need to notify the University if you’re considering booking someone to talk to students, staff or visitors who is not an employee of the University, even if you think the speaker is non-contentious or low-risk. This includes as part of teaching, learning or research activities as well as co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.  

A flowchart for booking external speakers can be found on the Student Services Team Site.


Unsure? Contact us

Contact the University Prevent Lead, Head of Student Services by email – – if you would like any advice about completing the notification.

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