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Thank you for being part of the Net Zero Visions project

1.1. Have you asked permission from a parent or guardian to submit your Vision?

Copyright: Copyright remains with the author: 

Usage: All material published on the Devon Climate Emergency website and the University of Plymouth Sustainable Earth webpages may be subsequently re-published or cited by the project researchers in their work considering how the Net-Zero Visions process can support transition, including in the project book which is to be published towards the conclusion of the project. Any subsequent publication will credit the author, if their name has been given, and the place of publication as the Devon Climate Emergency website. 

Informed consent 

Your participation is in the Net Zero Visions project voluntary and it is up to you whether you wish to participate.

Right to withdraw 

We hope that you feel to take part. If decide that you do not want to continue to take part, you are free to withdraw your Net Zero Vision- creative work from the Net Zero Visions on-line gallery on the Devon Climate Emergency website, any time up until 30 November 2022. This project is run by academic researchers at the University of Plymouth. The University’s charitable objective is the advancement of education and research for the public benefit so in using your personal data in research we are doing so to perform a task in the public interest. The University is the Data Controller of your information and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number Z7546246. Please, visit our web page for further details: 


Personal names and email addresses submitted with the Net Zero Vision- creative work will be held securely. The researchers will store working data on OneDrive for Business, provided by the University of Plymouth. Working copies will be kept on the researchers' password-protected computers and encrypted removable hard-drives, complying with the University of Plymouth’s Information Security Classification Policy in storing data. The creators names will be displayed on the Net Zero Visions on-line gallery on the Devon Climate Emergency website. Personal email addresses will be kept confidential. The participant is advised that they should only submit their creative work and name if they are happy for the public to see it on Net Zero Visions on-line gallery on the Devon Climate Emergency website. Participants under 18 must ask permission from a parent or guardian. Personal names will only be included in publications with express permission of the individual concerned. Some creative works will be featured on the Low Carbon Devon pages of the University of Plymouth website, where specific consent in writing is received from a participant.

Planned outputs 

The Net Zero Visions book featuring some of the submitted Public Visions will be published in Autumn 2022, featured in a report, and shared on the Low Carbon Devon pages of the University of Plymouth website and the  Devon Climate Emergency website.

Research findings will also be written up for academic publications and conferences.


Please feel free to contact Dr Emma Whittaker at any time if you have any questions about this research study.

Project contact details 

Dr Emma Whittaker:

Dr David Sergeant:

Further contact details 

In accordance with Plymouth University Ethics Policy. If you wish to complain to University of Plymouth about how your personal information has been processed, you can do so using a GDPR complaint form and send it directly to the University’s Data Protection Officer via post or

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