Page 1: Sustainability Hub : Low Carbon Devon

Do you have expertise that can help Devon enterprises to reduce their carbon emissions or develop new low carbon products, processes or services? 

Project Background 

The Sustainability Hub: Low Carbon Devon project (from now on called Low Carbon Devon) will provide an exciting new catalyst for low-carbon economic growth in Devon. Supported by an investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the three year (£2.6m) programme, will support Devon-based enterprises (including sole traders, micro-businesses, SMEs, social enterprises and CICs engaging in economic activity) to access research, business support and engage with the University of Plymouth around the low-carbon agenda. 

The project is being delivered through four interlinked projects: 

1. Research and Innovation: The project will facilitate connections between University expertise and Devon enterprises to develop research, innovation and growth within a range of sectors/specialisms in Devon.  We already have colleagues engaged in the following research: 

  • Green and living walls – led by Dr Paul Lunt and Professor Steve Goodhew
  • ​Power Electronics (photovoltaics & LEDs) – led by Professor Zaki Ahmed  
  • Creative Industries – led by Polly Macpherson and Dr David Sergeant 
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Occupant Behaviour) – led by Dr Alba Fuertes and Dr Rory Jones 

Research and Innovation Funding Awards: We will also encourage and enable research collaborations between University academics and Devon enterprises to develop new products, processes and/or systems in response to those enterprises’ needs.  

2. Knowledge Exchange: The project’s Knowledge Exchange activities will be delivered through: 

  • Knowledge Exchange events: Developed for Devon enterprises, community groups, staff and students regarding the low carbon economy in response to identified need.
  • Low-carbon internships: To deliver short (1-3 month) research projects; an opportunity for our graduates/ students to support Devon enterprises to develop new products, processes and systems or to help them reduce their carbon emissions. 

3. Sustainability Hub: Kirkby Lodge has been refurbished to the highest environmental standards to provide a physical space where researchers and students can collaborate with enterprises around the issue of sustainability – a living lab on campus! 

4. Carbon Reduction Project: Significant energy savings have already been achieved through delivering an LED lighting retrofit programme in University buildings. The project will also be introducing new, innovative technology within one of the buildings. The results from this work will be shared with Devon enterprises through events and knowledge exchange opportunities.

Next Steps 

  • The Low Carbon Devon team are now in place and look forward to working with you. 
  • We are keen to hear from researchers and academics with an interest in the low carbon agenda; either those with expertise in the subject, or relevant experience in other areas that can support Devon enterprises transition to a low carbon economy.  
  • By completing the following Expression of Interest (EOI), your details will be added to our register of low carbon expertise, so that we can share details with you of research collaboration opportunities, funding opportunities and events.