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Participant Information

Devon Creative Industries Research: ERDF Low Carbon Devon Project 

What is this project about? 

We are researching how Devon’s creative industries, across the diversity of subsectors, from design to heritage, from to audio-visual arts to publishing etc., are engaging with climate change, carbon emissions and the broader environmental impact of their business (SMEs) or organisation. We are doing this to understand best practices, the geographic spread of activities across the county and how they can be supported and developed.

This research is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Low Carbon Devon project, University of Plymouth.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of taking part?  

The potential benefits of taking part are:

(1) Featuring your business/organisation’s positive actions in reducing carbon emissions and/or addressing your organisation's environmental impact and/or communicate the issues on a Creative Industries Low Carbon Devon Google Map;

(2) Contributing to research to develop further support for the creative industries to reduce their carbon emissions, address their environmental impact and/or communicate the issues;

(3) Helping to communicate the role the creative industries can have in making a positive impact on the environment. Businesses/organisations may be held accountable by the public for the positive actions they choose to declare on the Google map or survey.

What will you have to do if you agree to take part? 

All Devon creative industry SMEs (0-250 employees) are invited to complete a short on-line survey about how they are engaging with climate change, low carbon and the environment impact of their business or organisation. Participants should be the owner/director or appointed by the owner or director/management team to complete the survey. 

After screening the surveys for any duplication or material that would be unsuitable for presentation to a general audience, participants will be invited to upload their business/organisation’s name, website, and details of their actions to mitigate their carbon emissions or environmental impact to the Low Carbon Devon Creative Industries Google map. This will be hosted on the University of Plymouth website and will be accessible to the public. 

Some participants will be invited to take part in a voluntary 20 minute follow-up interview to provide more detail about their survey responses. 

Informed consent 

Your participation is voluntary and it is up to you whether you wish to participate.

Right to withdraw 

We hope that you feel able to help us with this study. If decide that you do not want to continue to take part, you are free to withdraw from the survey any time up until 30 September 2022. This research study is run by academic researchers at the University of Plymouth. The University’s charitable objective is the advancement of education and research for the public benefit so in using your personal data in research we are doing so to perform a task in the public interest. The University is the Data Controller of your information and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number Z7546246. Please, visit our web page for further details: 


Personal names and email addresses will be held securely. The researcher and supervisors will store working data on OneDrive for Business, provided by the University of Plymouth. Working copies will be kept on the researcher and supervisors' password-protected computers and encrypted removable hard-drives, complying with the University of Plymouth’s Information Security Classification Policy in storing data. The responses to the survey, interviews and case-studies are not confidential, apart from personal names and personal email addresses. The enterprise or organisation is advised that they should provide responses to the questionnaire that they are happy for the public to read. Participants may decline to respond to any questions. Personal names will only be included in publications with express permission of the individual concerned. Follow-on interviews will be recorded using video and audio, where consent in writing is received from the participant. This material will be used for research purposes. Some edited videos will be featured on the Low Carbon Devon pages of the University of Plymouth website, where specific consent in writing is received from participants. Video and audio interviews will be held in the University of Plymouth research repository PEARL. They will only be made available to researchers in the future if they have a genuine need, for example, where the material will be used to further related research and that the audio/video files are not made public or published online, without permission in writing from interviewees.

Planned outputs 

A summary of the research findings of the survey, interviews and selected video interviews will be shared on the Low Carbon Devon pages of the University of Plymouth website.

Research findings will also be written up for academic publications and conferences.


Please feel free to contact Dr Emma Whittaker at any time if you have any questions about this research study.

Project contact details 

Dr Emma Whittaker:

Polly Macpherson:

Dr David Sergeant:

Further contact details 

In accordance with Plymouth University Ethics Policy. If you wish to complain to University of Plymouth about how your personal information has been processed, you can do so using a GDPR complaint form and send it directly to the University’s Data Protection Officer via post or