Page 1: Would you like to find out more about the air you breathe at home?

Indoor air pollution is dust, dirt or gases in the air inside a building such as your home or workplace that harms us if we breathe it in. The quality of the air we breathe indoors is affected by many things, such as how we heat our homes, how we cook, poor ventilation, damp, presence of chemicals in cleaning and personal care products and the existence of some specific building materials.

The University of Plymouth, in partnership with East Devon District Council is conducting research about the indoor air quality of our homes and how it could be affecting our health. The information you supply will form part of a larger project to understand air quality in East Devon homes. It will also help shape the council’s future housing policies.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

This study is supervised by academic researchers at the University of Plymouth. The University’s charitable objective is the advancement of education and research for the public benefit, so in using your personal data in research we are doing so to perform a task in the public interest. The University is the Data Controller of your information.

As a data subject, your rights in relation to your personal data include the right to be told how your data will be used (including any automated decision making or profiling), to access, correct, erase, restrict or object to the use of your data and the right to data portability. However, please note that these rights do not apply where personal data is processed solely for research because the integrity, reliability and accuracy of the research could be affected and we may not be able to remove the information that we have already obtained. If you have a general question about how your personal information is used by the University, wish to exercise any of your rights or make a complaint about the way you believe your data is being processed, please contact the University’s Data Protection Officer:

The anonymised data you provide may be used in further research and will be held securely by the University for the lifetime of this study. It will not be held or transferred on mobile devices, sold or passed on to third parties. It will be disposed of securely at the end of the research period.

 If you have any questions about the survey or the research project, please contact Sandy Jones, by telephone on 07922162649, or by email at

Concerns or complaints

This study has been approved by The Faculty of Arts and Humanities Ethics and Integrity Committee at the University of Plymouth. If you have any queries or concerns about how the research is conducted, or wish to make a complaint please contact Faculty Research Ethics Administrator:

Student Researcher:

Sandy Jones


School of Art and Design and Architecture, University of Plymouth

Supervisor for the study:

Dr Rory Jones


School of Art and Design and Architecture, University of Plymouth

Thank you in anticipation. Your support is really appreciated and will provide vital information for this project.